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International Festival of Films on
" Tribal Art & Culture "
IFFTAC - 2009
6, 7, 8 & 9 February - 2009
Indore - Madhya Pradesh, India.
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Film Festivals
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iiMC has entered into the multi-dimensional sphere of organizing film festivals in a big way to promote documentaries and short films: IFFC-2009; IFFTAC-2009; Gandhi Panorama; Shimla Film Festival.
IFFC - 2009
“International Festival of short films on culture”
  Culture may sound a small word but it contains centuries in it. It is older than the civilization and sometimes civilization becomes synonym to culture. If we call civilization the body then the culture will be its soul.  
In that sense the festival covers a vast range of subjects when we say “Films on culture”. The idea is to understand culture of other parts of the world and to showcase Indian culture to the world community. Many more opportunities would be opened with the interaction that this festival will facilitate between the common film viewer and filmmakers and also among film makers themselves.
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IFFTAC - 2009
“International Festival of short films on culture”
  This competitive festival, which will showcase films based on the theme of Tribal culture, art, religion,architecture, philosophy, traditions, mythology, history, life-style, food, costumes, jewellery, sports and various aspects associated with them,  
will be a great means to showcase the inextricable culture and colourful lifestyle of Tribal population.
Seminars on various aspects of tribal culture and art will be organized during the festival, which will bring on stage leading luminaries from history, art, architecture, literature, religion, etc to benefit the enthusiasts and participants. More than 600 tribal performers from entire Madhya Pradesh participate and perform in the festival.

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Gandhi Panorama
“International Festival of Films on Gandhiji & his principles”
  Gandhi Panorama is a memorable journey of discovery to the life and times of the greatest statesman the world has ever seen: Mahatma Gandhi, i.e. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, through moving images!  
Gandhi Panorama brings to life Mahatma Gandhi as he lived his life, the challenges he faced, the hardships he endured and his amazing wisdom in every crisis. Above all, Gandhi Panorama focuses on the strength and power of compassion to solve life’s toughest problems. Films from any part of the world, which recount memorable events from the life of the Mahatma that demonstrate his adherence to values and beliefs that he preached, ahimsa, simplicity, sincerity and honesty, besides films on his principles, his achievements, his followers, his aspirations, his dreams… any film reminding us of Mahatma, is screened.
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