Please check to participate in IFFTAC - 2009.

International Festival of Films on
" Tribal Art & Culture "
IFFTAC - 2009
6, 7, 8 & 9 February - 2009
Indore - Madhya Pradesh, India.
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Indian Infotainment Media Corporation
iiMC is the biggest producer of Short Films produced in 35mm/16mm in private sector in India and the Chief Producer & Director Devendra Khandelwal is THE BIGGEST DIRECTOR OF SHORT FILMS
as per LIMCA BOOKS OF RECORDS - 2006. iiMC has  
produced 78 documentary films between 2004 to 2007.  

iiMC has produced short films of all genre: Aids awareness, art, architecture, biographies, culture, current affairs, development issues,education, environment, girl-child, history, health & hygiene, human interest, illiteracy eradication, law &order, our duties to family society & motherland, population control, public service, preservation of culture & heritage, sports, religious harmony, science, tourism interest, traffic rules, etc. A film on "National Anthem" produced by iiMC is also screened regularly in hundreds of cinema-halls. Millions have seen and appreciated these short films, because these 'Approved Films" are exclusively being screened in hundreds of cinemas in India: more than 95%cinemas/multiplexes in Mumbai, Thane, besides hundreds of cinemas in India, In place of 'Approved Films" of Films Division. iiMC is also the biggest supplier of 'Approved Films" to more than 300 screens of 120 Multiplexes scattered across the country. The list is increasing everyday...
iiMC has a legacy of organising many successful film festivals. IFFTAC, IIFC, Gandhi Panorama, Shimla Film Festival. IFFTAC - 2008 Golden statuettes were awarded to winning films selected from 33 countries. iiMC, successfully organised the First All India Public Service Films Contest 2005-06 for students of schools and colleges to make the future generation of country aware about social issues besides encouraging the talent from the rural as well as urban areas.

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